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Customer Service

Expect a legendary service for your valued customers from our team. ESM has set up a professional customer service team for clients, serving their online websites and other channels. Our team recognizes the need for proper customer care, fast after-sales service, and more. We see to it that every customer is left satisfied with all the complaints processed and taken care of. Our customer service is fully integrated with engaging customers in every step of the way, taking into consideration their perspective on what they’re experiencing.


Put your best image forward with our service team as we ensure that we have the knowledge needed on the products and processes. ESM guarantees quality service by doing shopping guides, consultations, order tracking, and one-stop after-sales support. 


Our team optimizes the overall operation by having professional training, performance review and management, quality monitoring, and spot-on customer complaints management. 

CRM and CEM 


We compile and manage customer feedback to automate and streamline internal processes. This is done through our Customer Relation Management (CRM).


ESM also specializes in Customer Experience Management (CEM). Summary and analysis of feedback are used to provide the right advice and solutions the brand needs for their consumers.

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