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Omni-Channel Strategy

Create a seamless transition from channel to channel and retain the majority of your customers with an omni-channel strategy. ESM bridges the gap between online and offline shopping. Studies from Business Insider shows that shoppers who are into multiple channels have higher chances of purchase.


What is the Omni-Channel Strategy?

An omni-channel strategy is an approach that gives your customers complete and integrated shopping experience. This strategy connects an individual's experience from a brick-and-mortar store to an eCommerce site, mobile browsing, online marketplaces, social networks, and everything in between.


How does it work?

Our team of specialists can help you integrate your brand not just in multi-channels but in omni-channel as well. Your customers can browse a product in a physical store, scan an app, and purchase it later online. They can browse your online site for new styles, explore social networks and get a coupon to redeem it at your store. Everything connects to every platform and links to the last. Each platform works together in support with each other giving the user an added push to purchase.


Apply this approach on your brand with our team who'll guide you all the way through. Our strategists will help you research where your customers likely are and figure out the platforms, mediums, and devices they are using. With our omni-channel strategy, we'll seek to cover every touchpoint and make it shoppable.

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