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How To Make More $$$ on eBay with Spring 2019 Seller

Early this year, eBay released their new Spring seller updates. If you are selling on this platform, you might not be sure if this is a piece of exciting news or not. These promoted listings updates are starting to roll out beginning later September 2019. The good news is, you don't have to worry about this as ESM will have your back. Our team will make sure that the $$$ will keep on coming.

Key Updates and How it Affects Your Business

Duplicate items are removed from the search result

Previously, when you choose to promote a listing, your promoted listing was appeared with your organic listing in the same set of search results. But NOT anymore. Now either your organic listing or the associated promoted listings are displayed in search result, but not together. That means, your impression may drop.

Top 5 product placements are promoted listings

Your organic bestseller will not rank higher than the Top 6 without promotion.Everybody wants to advertise for free, but if you're going to stay on top, you have to be willing to pay a fee for every transaction on your listed content. Impressions and clicks may significantly drop. If organic search is the name of the game, you will be completely wiped out by those who are willing to pay more for promoted listings.

Sponsorship fees may increase. This happens when everyone wants to advertise a particular product. We are expecting high competition, even on low-value categories. In one of the bedding categories, we observed that the trending rate increased from 6% to 11.8% within two weeks.

Check eBay Promoted Listing Updates for more informations.


Strategies That Work

Before you start worrying about this, the ESM team will always help you the best way that we can. We believe that there are ways on how to improve a listing's exposure and to generate more sales, of course, with a low cost.

Long - Tail Keywords

There is high competition, even on keyword usage. Some common keywords may become more challenging to rank well. To get a better grasp on keywords that are popularly used, we recommend the use of the eBay search bar, google trends, and

some other tools, like SEMRush to recognise the searchable long-tail keyword.

Listing Optimisation

Increase your impression and conversion rate by displaying quality content with carefully made descriptions. Make sure your content and details are attractive enough and have an edge over your competitors.

Cost Control

There are many costs to consider to generate profit. Always keep your product cost, selling fees, and overhead charges in mind. To optimise this process, set up KPI to be more efficient. You can also review your storage cost while reducing the RMA charges and more.

Sell on Multi-Channels

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. eBay is still one of the biggest online marketplaces in Australia, but there are also lots of other options that may surprise you! You will never know how popular and competitive your products will be on other platforms unless you give it a try. Give your brand more exposure and attract more potential customers on different channels.

Bring Loyal Customers Back To Your Store

Always make sure that your customers have a pleasurable experience dealing with you. It might not be easy with eBay, but considering the minimal costs for this, it's worth a shot. Expand, serve, and update your customers on ongoing promotions and discounts with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Individuals spend more time on social channels instead of marketplaces. Make sure to have your visibility there as well. You can also send regular EDM to your eBay subscribers. These regular EDMs make sure they receive exclusive offers and product updates at the tip of their fingertips even when they're not online shopping.


How can we help?

If you're not sure where to start, the ESM team of marketing specialists and content professionals will give you a helping hand — from choosing the right keywords, listing optimisation, auditing costs, multichannel selling down to promoting your brand on social channels.

Contact us and start selling more today!

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