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Supply Chain Management

As one of the professional logistics enterprises in Australia, ESM has a team equipped with years of experience understanding critical issues of brands and different industries. ESM is highly focused on improving a brand's supply chain efficiency resulting in increased sales and profits with optimised cost structures.


Our team will help you with the challenges that you face, such as building up warehousing and logistics capacity and improving delivery capabilities. Our support specialists can assist you in setting up automated logistics centres, providing express distribution planning, and furnishing your business' network design and solution. We take into consideration the importance of demand analysis and supplier management.



Our company is determined to work on your online order fulfilment that includes warehousing and express delivery. We ensure that orders are covered from all your online platforms such as official websites, social networks, and other marketplaces. We monitor all inbound, outbound, returned, and storage items. Our team believes in value-added services that produce loyal and returning customers.



ESM also aids in offline retail storage and distribution services. We help you keep track of your store distribution strategies, platform assortment, and reverse logistics.


Network Layout and Inventory Optimisation

Our team provides inventory management and analysis of consumption data and inventory allocation.


With all these in mind, customer experience is highly improved, and inventory allocation and cost structures are all optimised.

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